Tuesday, May 23, 2006

My boys

I hope Blogspot works on local time because I want this to be dated May 23, 2006. Today is Scotty and Chris' 6th and 36th birthdays. I remember when I woke at about 3AM on May 23, 2000 and said "happy birthday" to my beloved husband, who promptly replied with "is the baby coming?"

13 hours later I was holding my first child in my hands. 5 hours after that I listened to Kate and Anna sing "Firstborn" on the folks' weekly radio show Home of Happy Feet on KUNM

Tonight I listened to it again and bawled as hard as I did the first time. Thanks Mom and the Guys for thinking of us tonight.

Scotty has new baby ducklings, his very own mini machine shop, some more cool K'NEX, and a big Rainbow Fish book. This evening the birthday boys snuggled together in the papasan chair and chatted the night away while I nursed Eliza to sleep.

We will celebrate with Chris' dad and Maria on Thursday and with my mom this weekend.

It's a good day.

(words and music by Kate McGarrigle/Garden Court Music ASCAP)

The silver spoon's in the mouth
Baby clothes are baby-blue
Nothing's ever handed down
Everything's brand new
Newspaper notices heralding that great event
Daddy's buddies send the flowers
Mother's friends have baby showers
Welcoming that Heaven sent

That first born son is always the one
The first to be called and the last to come
He's his mother's favorite, his grandmother's too
He'll break their hearts and he'll break yours too

For he's the first to creep and the first to crawl
The first to walk and the first to fall
Every bruise is kissed, every cry is heard
Every doubt's cast out with a soothing word

'Cause he's that first born son, he's that special one
No matter what comes next, no matter what comes along
Be it another boy or a sweet baby girl
The family's the oyster and he is the pearl

Some of them make it, some of them don't
Some of them can't, others won't grow up

In the bible of old, according to Exodus
Every first born son of a Jew got axed
But the one who survived with the help of God's hand
Led his people to the promised land

Yes he's that first born son, he's that son of a gun
Just hates to walk, just loves to run
He loves to run as fast as he can
With life held tight in the palm of his hand

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Parent said...

Oh, that song! My Mother was a big McGarrigle fan when I was a kid, and I bet I know every word to that record, though I have not heard it in probably 30 years. I'm really going to have to find that again- it is funny to have something so familiar (and pertinent)rise to the surface after so long!

Happy Birthday Chris and Scotty! It was so wonderful to see the house. I wish we could have seen you and the kids, but next time. They are so beautiful. This blog really helps us feel closer to you'all, keep it up if you can!
We miss you! And thanks for the song...