Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Hank's Epilogue

You may have read about Hank earlier this month. He came to us by accident nearly a month ago when Chris' mom found him in a parking lot. After trying very hard for two weeks to give him a home here we finally had to face the fact that this wasn't the place for him. Being a young, untrained puppy he really needed someone's undivided attention. Unfortunately the kids also each require my undivided attention, which I already can't give them, so having Hank pushed things over the top.

During the time we had him, the kids and I all fell in love with him so we decided if we couldn't keep him we had to find the most excellent home for him. I searched far and wide on the internet and had inquiries from California, Ohio, Minnesota, Arizona, and Wisconsin. We finally found the perfect home: a 70 acre farm in Wisconsin, where he is the best buddy of a 12 year old girl. He will do 4-H with her in agility and herding, and she and her mom will be able to show their dogs together because her mom also has an Aussie pup! And they are close to my dad so we can visit him the next time we head that way. These are photos of Hank in his new home with his new best friends.

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