Thursday, December 18, 2008

Su Casa magazine article

The article on our place for Su Casa is now online and will be on the newsstands on Monday. You can see it here:

Su Casa Article


Danielle said...

Awwww, man, you guys are soooo cool. I love so many of the lines you each had in the article. Wonderful, wonderful. You are such an incredible inspiration! It's so hard to believe you've accomplished so much just since 9/11—it feels like just yesterday!

Of course, I had to snicker a bit and roll my eyes at this part: "It’s a pastoral setting, particularly appealing if one’s idea of farming isn’t necessarily constrained by visions of tidy boundaries and weed-free gardens."

Yeah, if one's ideal isn't propped up by fossil fuels and the neat fields and linear lines they could actually grasp the concept of a holistic and sustainable ecosystem.

*sigh* You guys need a webpage about your farm. I'd be happy to help if you ever consider building one.

Anonymous said...

I received the latest issue of Su Casa and poured over the pages as always.

The article on your place had me on the internet searching for any more information about Ironwood Farm.

I look forward to going back ans reading your entire blog from the beginning up to the present.

We've taken the first step and purchased some acreage in New Mexico and are eagerly planning our exodus from New York.

You folks are truly an inspiration, thank you.

Joseph M.
Sound Beach, NY