Monday, September 15, 2008

The farm, early September

Here are a few shots of the farm that were taken earlier this month.

We fenced in the former sweet corn patch and put the piggies in there so they could eat the corn stalks and start tilling the ground for a cover crop. Sunflowers grow here like weeds and we like to leave them where we can for the wild birds. In the foreground you can see the early girl tomato that I planted in April in my little cold frame. It really likes that spot!

You can also see one of my strawberry patches in this shot of the piggies:

This is our amazing patch of grinding corn. It's a variety that is popular in the South called Hickory King, which makes large white kernels that are mostly used for hominy and grits (the equivalent of posole and masa here in the Southwest) but we will probably grind most of it into cornmeal. This is an open pollinated variety so we will also be saving a lot of it for seed. It is a tall variety as well, and can be expected to reach ten feet under good conditions. We gave it three trailer loads of horse manure from a neighbor's farm, which it apparently loved because it is easily 14 feet or better!

We think we can even do a corn maze this year for our fall harvest festival. It's quite an impressive stand of corn, I must say.

Oh, and Scotty is learning to drive! He can drive the tractors, the little Geo, and the old F250. He has trouble reaching the gas pedal, so he does best with the vehicles that will just cruise along in low gear while he operates the brake and steering wheel. It's amazing to watch him go!


yarrow said...

gorgeous photos! any idea when you are planning to have the fall festival? :) we'd love to come, but want to get it on the calendar so we don't end up cross-scheduled. :)

karl said...

yummy looking corn and beautiful garden. we are getting pigs in a few weeks and will be putting them into the garden plot for a while.