Monday, June 16, 2008

Loving the poultry

This year we have added turkeys, geese, and ducks to our poultry lineup and the kids are just loving it. OK, actually we all are. The turkeys are a real treat--they follow us around the pasture like a pack of puppies. They are penned in at night but during the day they have free range so they run around eating their fill of grasshoppers and greens. I love the little "chuff chuff" noise they make.

Here they are in our paddock of winter wheat feasting on bugs.

No bird goes un-hugged around here. Do you think we could market "hugged daily" poultry? Sounds just as good as "cage free" to me.


Gwen said...

I saw this the other day:

There is a line about "constantly hugged goats" that has been running through my head at odd times.

karl said...

i like that "hugged daily". we might try turkeys next year.

Anonymous said...

You can tell these two kids love their animals, poultry and farm . . . just like their mom did at their ages, only you didn't have the farm yet. I hope their dreams come true like yours did.