Saturday, October 20, 2007


Since arriving home we have been enjoying the orchard tremendously. We have a bumper crop of apples this year and we have been eating, baking, and pressing apples. The cider is heavenly.

The cows always take notice when we visit the orchard. Yum!


Alan Post said...

the plums of yours that we picked are still in our freezer, awaiting to be turned into jam.

this task became more urgent when we all moved in with each other... i think i'm responsible for 80% of what is in our (very packed) freezer.

yay cider press! have you fermented any of it? i imagine it does that all by itself unless you pasteurize it.

Anonymous said...

Jen, I love your posts about life on the farm! The photos are wonderful and the narratives very interesting. Thanks for sharing.


Alan Post said...

for some reason this article appeared as new in my rss feed... just yesterday. i thought it sounded a little out of season. :)