Thursday, March 29, 2007

It's been over a month.....

since I've posted here! A lot has been going on, including my Mom's cancer surgery and recovery (she's going to be fine--they got it all!), literally one whole month of severe allergies for me (with a cold thrown in), and frantic preparations for Spring (as in, we have a whole lot of plants to put in the ground but no beds prepared for them yet). All this has apparently resulted in an unseemly predilection for parentheses (and large vocabulary words) on my part.

To make matters worse, my camera suffered the double whammy of son and husband this month. First, Scotty filled the memory stick with about 30 mini-videos, most of which contain anywhere from 5 to 180 seconds of him chanting "taking video, taking video" over and over again, but some of which contain real gems of brilliance that I can't bear to lose (and don't even know about yet) so what that means is that I have to watch every single one and delete or save them as I go. I'll post one here when I can. The second whammy was that Chris borrowed the camera for a couple of weeks to take photos of ecological evildoings in the river behind our house (which only took him an hour but the "borrowing" lasted longer while the camera was misplaced and finally retrieved).

So I have had no pictures to share, which is akin to a death sentence for the blog because I rely heavily on the photos so I don't have to write very much.

Look for fully updated farm happenings and lots of pictures this weekend!

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