Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Winter in New Mexico

Many people don't realize that our area of New Mexico is indeed a seasonal climate and we have real winters here. OK so maybe they aren't like a Minnesota winter (thank goodness) but we do get cold temperatures and the occasional winter weather. The nice thing about when it snows here is that it is relatively rare so it's a huge thrill for all. A week ago we had a wonderful winter storm come through. This is the same storm that messed up Denver so badly and delayed millions of Christmas packages. The kids were just bouncing off the walls with excitement. We stayed home all day and watched it come down. When it was all done we had six inches on the ground!

Chris came home from work early because in this town everything shuts down after just a couple inches of snow. It's so funny coming from Illinois to see 24 hour news coverage of a couple inches of snow. All the news crews go out and get video of cars having slid off the roads.

The fields were framed on all sides by frosted trees. It was really beautiful. Even the piles of building materials in the front yard looked pretty!

Chris and the kids went out and played for quite a while.

Remembering how wonderful it felt to come inside for hot cocoa after snow play when I was a child, I had some warm and ready for them to drink by the wood stove when they were done.

Speaking of the wood stove, I have to boast that although we have had below freezing overnight temperatures here since October we didn't need a fire in the stove until December 14th. Before that our only heat source was the sun and our passive solar house.

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Mik & Mac said...

awww, the snow is so beautiful! We had a little here but only like 2 inches or so! I know there will be more to come soon! I want to let Andre dress up in his snow suit and have him roll around in the snow! LOL the kids made a great snowman!!! :o)