Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Chris played a fun gig last week

Chris sat in with his old group Bayou Seco for a few tunes on the lawn of the BioPark last week. There was a big crowd--several hundred or so--and we had so much fun dancing and seeing old friends. The kids had a ball too. Both of them went up to the front and danced with the other little kids and were quite independent of me which was cool. Maybe it was because they could see their daddy up on the stage.

The best thing is that Chris had such a good time playing that he's thinking about getting back into playing more often. The first thing he wants to do is learn some more Flamenco so he can accompany me while I dance.

Oh, and I had my first dance recital over the weekend. No pictures yet, but when Mom gets her prints developed I'll post one.

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