Thursday, February 22, 2007

Actually working on the house!

If I had been blogging two years ago nearly every post would have been about the construction of our straw bale home. It's regrettable that I don't have a nice journal of the process but having a small child and then giving birth to another smack dab in the middle of construction was pretty crazy so I doubt that blogging would have been possible anyway. When we did finally move in after 3 1/2 years of intense building we just stopped working on it, leaving many things undone (trim, doorknobs, etc).

So, the other day (or other week at this point) I decided to try to chip away at the mountain of undone things inside the house instead of just working on the mountain range of things outside the house.

In the bathroom, there are many areas where the plaster needs to be touched up and finished nicely, mainly around the edges. Because it is an earthen plaster, made of clay and sand, it is very easy to chip it out and apply a fine mix to the edges.

Here is what it looks like after I chip out a section.

Then I use a small Japanese finishing trowel to apply the new plaster. The trowel is from my friends at Landerland.

Once I sand it I can re-apply the clay paint and it will look great.

Since I didn't blog the house construction I will pop in some photos here. These are in random chronological order because I haven't figured out an easy way to re-arrange lots of pictures after uploading them in blogger.


Anonymous said...

These are terrific! It's exciting for us to find other folks doing many of the same things we are (and sharing photos).. we're in the process of designing our straw bale hybrid in southern Colorado - moved up here from Santa Fe a little over a year ago. We're unschoolers, too, though my kids are in their teens now.

I'll check back often!


Jenny said...

Hey Tonya,
Next time you're in NM let us know! You'd be welcome to come see it for yourself. Thanks for reading.